P5-M6 Conducting Effective Production Trials

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This module builds upon the previous module –¬† P5-M5 Preparing for Production Trials

It is designed to be used as the next step after you have formulated your trial plans and made all the necessary preparations to allow your trial to proceed.

This will include aspects such as: –

What needs to be investigated at the trial?

What questions would you like to answer?

What outcomes you are seeking?

Who needs to be involved at the trial and what activities do they need to undertake?

What volume should you process and how many finished products do you need to produce at the trial to allow all the necessary subsequent assessments to be conducted?

What raw materials and packaging you will need to achieve this size of trial?

What machinery, equipment, production lines and labour force will you need to use?

What data and information do you need to record as the trial progresses?

What documentation and equipment will you need to monitor & record the trial?

You can download the training module here,

P5-M6 Conducting Effective Production Trials

P5-M6 Conducting Effective Production Trials Questions

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