Healthy food ecosystems are an essential part of the modern food chain. With a growing global population and the necessity to use our resources more efficiently, we must work together to change our diet and reduce waste.
To facilitate these changes, we need to increase knowledge and to work with Food and Drink SMEs to assist them make the adjustments required.

Within this context the AHFES project has been created to address these challenges.
AHFES aims to:
Improve the overall competitiveness and growth of SMEs in the value chain of healthy food & lifestyles
Create a transnational innovation ecosystem that will help SMEs access knowledge, partners and markets
Work to align SME products and services to consumer needs and expectations
The objectives of AHFES will be achieved through a quadruple helix ecosystem, collaborating across a range of stakeholders including public authorities, industry, academia and consumers.

Cross national joint project on healthy eating

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