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(Atlantic Area Healthy Food Eco-System)

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AHFES is a European project funded by the Atlantic Area programme. The project
aims to improve the overall competitiveness and growth of SMEs in the value chain of
healthy food & lifestyles by contributing to enhancing a transnational innovation
ecosystem that helps SMEs access knowledge, partners and markets and align their
products and services to consumer needs and expectations.
The project will support a sustainable growth of healthy food & lifestyle sector and
SMEs – key actors of EU common market – by achieving a quadruple helix
ecosystem (public authorities, industry, academia and citizens) in support of SME

Our Research Projects

Cross national joint project on healthy eating

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Upcoming Events

Inovcluster Webinar on Sustainability 31st of January 2023

Aqui pode encontrar informação relativa ao seu webinar disponibilizado pelo parceiro AHFES Inovcluster no dia 31 de janeiro de 2023

Here you can find information in relation to your webinar provided by the AHFES partner Inovcluster on the 31st of January 2023




SGCIE no setor agroindustrial



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AHFES final project event in Galway on 7th and 8th February 2023

AHFES, the EU funded food and drink programme for SMEs is hosted its final project event in Galway on 7th and 8th February. Since June 2018 the project has collaborated across the sector to improve the overall competitiveness and growth of SMEs in the value chain of healthy food & lifestyles.

AHFES held its final meeting in Galway.

The AHFES activities were implemented by a group of 10 organisations from different regions in all countries of the Atlantic area. That is: UK, Ireland, France, Portugal and Spain.

A partnership that brought together different kinds of organisations, including food clusters, innovation support organisations, public health organisations, research organisations.

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Mapping the innovation ecosystem for healthy food & lifestyles.

Framework for innovation in healthy food and lifestyles – Action 1 Analysis of current trends and best practices on H4 cooperation – Action 2 Mapping the innovation ecosystem for healthy food and lifestyles – List of 1125 specialised actors (4H) in the AA

Access to the directory can be found on www.ahfesproject.com

Link to H4 Directory 

PP LINK  H4 CoOperation for innovation and growth

Identifying the needs.

Knowledge gaps and access to bespoke focused training.

A well-trained workforce is a fundamental requirement for companies in the Food and Drinks sector to maximise their efficiency and effectiveness to achieve sustained growth.

Developing unique skills solutions based on the very best intelligence and insight into the skill needs of the sector

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PP LINK  SME Training Needs


AHFES Analysis by sector and by country 

Overall consumer & market trends in healthy food products, Country focus analysis of market trends in healthy food, examples of healthy food trends including – Dairy sector – soft drinks sector

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Link to analysis 

PP LINK Market and Consumer Analysis

Here is a Video overview of the two day event

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