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The AHFES project focuses in particular on healthy food innovations and on exchanging experiences and learning from each other on how to formulate better cooperation policies and practices supporting innovation.

Built on the learnings from the analysis of current trends and policies for innovation growth (D3.2), and on the Analysis of current trends and best practices (D4.1), the aim of this report, in PART 1, is to propose a series of recommendations for increased cross-sector and cross-regional cooperation, both from a political point of view and from an operational point of view.

In this way, this report aims, in PART 2, to analyse and identify the flaws in the innovation process of SMEs that lead to a low percentage of success in the market, specifically in the Atlantic area. In addition, this report will also present possible strategies to overcome obstacles and failures in the innovation process based on a four-helix structure.

The last decade has seen the 3 Helix innovating system, involving academics, institutions, and private companies, turning to a 4 Helix system giving voice to civil society actors who offer the perspective of improving the innovation process. This report, in PART 3, suggests a series of recommendations for involving health food and lifestyles consumers in innovation.

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You can also download infographics on the main recommendations below

Infographic Recommendations on consumers in innovation

Recommendation cooperation

Recommendations on innovation support services to SMEs

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