Soft Drinks: European market, consumer trends, and innovation

Please find below a link to the AHFES consumer and market report, titled “Soft drinks: European market, consumer trends, and innovation”, providing an analysis of the soft drinks sector, with a special focus on health. The geographical scope of the report is Europe, spotlighting the Atlantic Area countries (France, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, and United Kingdom). In the report, the production, value and volume of sales of the sector, as well as product launching, main positionings, consumer trends and market health claims were evaluated.

The main information sources have been Innova Database, Innova Markets Insights, GlobalData, and European Commission databases, among others.

The Report has been created by AHFES partner  Clúster Alimentario de Galicia | Clusaga AHFES A6.2_Soft drinks report_20210722