Sustainability and the circular economy

Over the next 4 months, until the end of February 2023, AHFES will be working to provide analysis and practical knowledge on the key area of Sustainability and the circular economy.

The focus being on the impact and implications on SMEs working the food and drink sector.

In the first action AHFES is looking for food SMEs to complete a questionnaire analysing the current positions with respect to Sustainability and the Circular Economy.

AHFES will use the responses to make a series of recommendations, that will then be fed back to companies working in this key area.

If you think you could help us with this research, please contact AHFES via email

A series of 5 training webinars on key environmental sustainability aspects and existing best practices on the food sector will be held to increase awareness and collaboration by individuals working across this issue.

The topics will be 1) Existing tools and best practices 2) Reducing Food waste 3) Circular business 4) Ecodesign 5) Life Cycle Analysis

Dates for these webinars are yet to be arranged but you can register your interest by emailing

You can download a copy of the AHFES sustainability questionnaire here AHFES_sustainability diagnosis